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Solution: KarAO3ke
Answer: RUMOR

Written by Adeline Wong

Hi my name is KarAO3ke Shard'hunt Floor-Two Audio Puzzle and I have long karaoke sound clips (that’s how I got my name) with missing lyrics and red sections that last about the length of one line and a weird audio player that may have caused tears and a lot of people tell me I look like AO3 (AN: if u don’t know what that is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to any of the Floor 1 Puzzles but I wish I was because they're all major fucking hotties. I’m an audio puzzle but I don't actually have words. I have the missing red lyrics. Those are important, and finding them leads you to a magic site called Archive of Our Own on the Internet where I have a bunch of fics in a bunch of years (I’m only two years old, though). That's a cluephrase (in case you couldn’t tell) telling you to USE FIC TITLE. I love movies and TV shows and I get all my scene descriptions from there. For example the first one is titled "rising up, back on the street" and it features a boy from the Umbrella Academy and his name is Number Five and the scene in the fanfic has Istanbul (Not Constantinople) playing over it and that's a song from another one of the karaoke clips. I connected them all so you can put them all in a loop. I put some numbers in the fics. The numbers indexed the fic titles, which I was very happy about. Two words stared back at me. I got the ANSWER (RUMOR) from them.

Alright, alright, have an actual solution.

This puzzle consists of a series of videos, where an instrumental version of a song plays beneath some interestingly-formatted text. Most of the songs should be identifiable by memory or through an audio ID tool such as Shazam, while the images are recognizable (perhaps with some careful googling of the puzzle title) as story titles from the fanfiction archive AO3 (Archive of Our Own).

The titles themselves, which are redacted, align with the missing lyrics from the karaoke songs. (Fics on AO3 are noted for using song lyrics as their titles—so much so that it's frequently possible to make lyric videos using them.) Solvers should therefore note that the lyrics are important; in particular, the specific line highlighted in red in each video. These are:

1Eye of the TigerRising up, back on the street
2Hooked on a FeelingEverything's alright
3Highway to HellAsking nothing
4Carry On Wayward SonDon't you cry no more
5Istanbul (Not Constantinople)Even old New York was once New Amsterdam
6Stayin' AliveAnd now it's alright, it's okay
7Twist and ShoutCome on, come on, come, come on, baby, now (come on, baby)
8Dancing QueenHaving the time of your life
9All-StarFed to the rules and I hit the ground running
10The Lion Sleeps TonightIn the jungle, the mighty jungle
11Bohemian RhapsodyCaught in a landslide

Reading down the first letters of each lyric gives READ EACH FIC, suggesting that we should find actual fics with these titles on the AO3 website. If solvers are familiar with the AO3 tagging system, or simply willing to investigate the search options, some limiting factors should be obvious: all of the fics are by anonymous authors, have a rating of G, have multiple or nonspecific category tags, have been tagged "No Archive Warnings Apply", and are listed as completed. A bit of trial and error (even with these constraints, some of these names are very popular!) should yield the proper fics. Solvers may also note the publication dates, which are displayed in the same view as the lyric titles—all of these fics were published on January 1, though the years differ.

The actual content of the fics are vague descriptions of scenes, followed by a sentence that begins "Take the number . . .". All of these scenes are from movies or TV shows, during which a different song from this puzzle is playing in the soundtrack. These are:

FicMovie/ShowNumberSong Playing in SceneYear of Posting
rising up, back on the streetThe Umbrella Academy (S1E1)3 (5 - 2) - the boy is known as Number FiveIstanbul (Not Constantinople)2021
everything's alrightWayne's World4 (80% of 5) - there are five people headbanging in the carBohemian Rhapsody2019
asking nothingShrek8 (4 * 2) - Shrek Forever After is the fourth Shrek installmentAll-Star2005
don't you cry no moreGuardians of the Galaxy9 (((1 + 9 + 7 + 3) / 2) - 1) - Peter Quill says the year 1973 as the guard tazes himHooked on a Feeling2006
even old new york was once new amsterdamThe Lion King10 (5 * 2) - Their trio's down to twoThe Lion Sleeps Tonight2009
and now it's alright, it's okayMamma Mia!1 (3 / 3) - Sophie has three potential fathersDancing Queen2003
come on, come on, come, come on, baby, now (come on, baby)Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief3 - Percy, Annabeth, and GroverHighway to Hell2020
having the time of your lifeRocky III5 - Rocky V is the highest-numbered mainline Rocky movieEye of the Tiger2009
fed to the rules and i hit the ground runningSaturday Night Fever9 (2 + 7) - He buys two slices and says the paint cost $7.98Stayin' Alive2020
in the jungle, the mighty jungleSupernatural (S15E20, the final episode)5 (6 - 1) - the man's full first name is SamuelCarry On Wayward Son2012
caught in a landslideFerris Bueller's Day Off3 - the holiday is Von Steuben DayTwist and Shout2005

Some of the publication years are clearly outrageous—there's no way this puzzle has been seeded since 2003! Converting the years (minus 2000) to letters using A1Z26 yields USE FIC TITLE. The fic titles are the song lyrics, so we index into them using the numbers associated with their movie scenes. Associating scenes with lyrics forms a closed cycle; ordering by this cycle yields the phrase ANSWER RUMOR.

Author’s Notes

Obviously, this puzzle was inspired by the "AO3 sings" tumblr/YouTube meme. Once the theming was solid, seeding puzzle data on AO3 itself seemed like a natural next step. I'd say I'm sorry for making solvers delve the depths of the Archive, but, well—I'm really not. Fanworks and fan creations are art just like any other type, and they should be treated as such, from wonder and appreciation all the way to meaningful and thoughtful critique of both the works themselves and their ecosystem.

Of the songs used for this puzzle, only three (Carry On Wayward Son, All-Star, and Bohemian Rhapsody), actually have full-length title lyric videos on YouTube. My personal favorite, which was not featured in the puzzle, is the Mountain Goats' No Children—if only for the sheer hilarity of the number of fics titled "hand in unlovable hand".