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The staircase is blocked here. If you can puzzle your way through this, let me know!
We boldly go into the unknown! This'll be a great story to tell my cat.
The library can't really go on forever. That's not possible. Right? Right??
I think we might not be the first people to find this place. I keep finding old notes and markings.
Y'know, if these books really do contain every combination of letters, then one of them contains the words I'm writing right now.
At this point I'm not even wondering who built the library, just why. Like, it's cool, but what's it for?
I don't know why I keep expecting to see something different. It's just hex after hex after hex...
Endless books full of gibberish, cryptic research notes, impossible geometries...all I want are some answers!
This floor is weird. I mean, everything still looks the same, but something feels off. Like the walls move when I'm not looking at them.
Is it just me or are the angles of the shadows wrong?
No, no, I'm not going crazy. The rooms don't meet the way they're supposed to. I'm not imagining it.
I've found more notes from whoever was here before us... I don't think the library was always like this.
Whoever blocked the staircase did so for a reason. What were they keeping out? Or— what were they keeping in?
The old notes I've found up here keep talking about "breaching the boundary" and "contacting the other side". What did they do??
The hexes feel like they're twisting around me. I see strange patterns in the disjoint doorways, like some kind of maddened scrawl.
I think I'm lost. And I'm out of Red Bull. But hey, at least you're still here, right?