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Folk Wisdom

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You’ve been told that you should listen to your Elders, but you can count on extra imagery in their sayings.

"And to those gods I will speak bluntly / We've an accord / If you ever touch or harm him / Please rest assured / That you might not fear a man / But to a woman by the end you'll kneel and plead"
"Once upon a time you dressed so fine / Threw the bums a dime in your prime, didn't you?"
"You know we kept on missing / So try and try again"
"Lie to me if you will / At the top of Beringer Hill / Tell me anything you want, any old lie will do"
"People talking without speaking / People hearing without listening / People writing songs that voices never shared"
"We were tight knit boys / Brothers in more than name / You would kill for me / And knew that I'd do the same"
"She can bake a cherry pie / Quick as a cat can wink his eye"
"And I can't keep it in, I can't hide it / and I can't lock it away"
"You're a reckless driver / And one day it'll kill us if I don't let go"
"For you'll need your wits about you when you run against the grain"
"Meddling fools, meddling fools / Don't you meddle with me"
"Only know you love her when you let her go / and you let her go"
"It looks like we might sing all night, but looks are deceiving"
"One lived in luxury and riches / And the other one begged for his bread"
"I keep my tears in bottles / In case if I need them later / You never know / You never know"
"The words I speak are wildfires and weeds / They spread like some awful damn disease"
"But I was late for this, late for that, late for the love of my life"
"But you can’t go from fry cook to the Opry overnight / So stay up in that saddle, you may join the chosen few / But for now you’ll sweat it out and sing the food truck blues"
"I said to my wife, my pretty little wife, explain this thing to me / What's this head doing here on the pillow case where my head ought to be?"
"And I believe in grace and choice / And I know perhaps my heart is farce"
"One cannot undo the past"
"You can't hide your lyin' eyes / And your smile is a thin disguise / I thought by now you'd realize / There ain't no way to hide your lyin' eyes"
"But times were hard, and though I tried / the money wasn't there"
"I know dark clouds will hover on me / I know my path is rough and steep"
"I come from wealth & beauty / Untouched by work or duty"
"Oh, I stole from my father all I thought I could sell"