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Errata / Updates

On , the copy-to-clipboard text for Marked Books was fixed to match the puzzle page. The fourth clue on the page should read "Leave".
On , the pdf for The Launch of This Puzzle Has Been Delayed was replaced. The title page should correspond with the test packet, not the answer key.
On , the ordering of the fourth and fifth clues in Marked Books was swapped. The correct ordering is "Javascript UI library", followed by "Leave".
On , the left-hand side of the second-to-last set of turntables in How the Turntables was corrected to read "(((())())())".
On , the two boards for the Through the Looking Glass minipuzzle in Entitlement have had their contents swapped.
On , the fourth set of images in Folk Wisdom has been changed.
On , the grey X in the final part of the Construction image has been removed from Flexibility.
On , the placement of the red-outlined triangle in the second part of the Construction image in Flexibility was changed. It is now placed directly next to the shaded triangle with the O.
On , a typo in problem A2 of The Launch of This Puzzle Has Been Delayed has been fixed. The units for acceleration should be m/s^2, not m/s.
On , the fourteenth set of images in Folk Wisdom has been changed.
On , the third and fifth images on the puzzle page were updated slightly in Rovers.
On , a small change was made to the opening screen in Pushing the Rules. The X button on your keyboard is not relevant to solving the puzzle.
On , the 10th minipuzzle in Entitlement assumes that a certain word is spelled using its adjective form, not its noun form. (It will have an extra O.) The adjective form should be used for the purposes of this puzzle.
On , the hover text for the EX image in Flight of the Babelbees was changed.
On , the Desmos link for the first graph in Poly Lines has been updated. The letters that name the folders should match the letters in the legend.
On , an E piece was added on c2 (to the right of the black E piece) for the third board in Through the Looking-Glass.