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I think I'm lost. And I'm out of Red Bull. But hey, at least you're still here, right?

Interplanetary Hopper

When the stars align, these creatures like to jump from planet to planet, reading letters as they go.

The Solar System


terra luna-solar eclipse
sol terra-lunar eclipse
anulus terra-lunar eclipse


deuterolunar musca-protolunar eclipse silanus-dilunar eclipseWire used for electrical safety
diluna musca-"cochlealunar-cochlear syzygy" eclipseVitality
herba-cerulea syzygy silanus-dilunar eclipseBegin an organization
musca cerulea-cochlea syzygy superior conjunctionRadio utterance
musca-cerulea-scorpius syzygyIn favor
rubrum silanus-protolunar eclipseCenter of this system (which also gets a letter)
full system syzygy (only cochlealuna superior, rubrum superior)???