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Bereaved relatives might use an open one to display a body$I
Uncle Tom's Cabin, The Little Prince, and The Fellowship of the Ring are all examples of this$A
Lions or Bears might play on one$S
Lord or knight's head protection$Q
For siblings or some college roommates to sleep on (pl.)$I
Respectable castle defenses include one of these$C
A folder used for keeping papers together$C
Garment, sometimes pleated, that fastens around the waist$I
Case or diplomat$N
Ulubey, Zion, or Grand, for instance$C
Box, maybe, that a delivery comes in$N
Edges around a painting, maybe$U
Rather large vehicle that a family might drive around in$N
Used for carrying water or gas (pl.)$U
Landlubbers might be forced to walk off of one$S
English (American) term for a roundabout or hurdy-gurdy$I