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This floor is weird. I mean, everything still looks the same, but something feels off. Like the walls move when I'm not looking at them.

The State Puzzle

Everyone loves the red, white, and blue.

Red CirclesWhite CirclesBlue Circles
1. Official colours areafter an Englishand "south" (12)
2. Graham Hilland 2 different vowels, with one voweland die in office (4)
3. Borders noand contains partantarctic program (3)
4. Flag contains a cross with an image at its centerblue, gold, andball here (12)
5. Occupies the greatestcity ofbeing repeated 3 times, and the other vowel being the third one (2)
6. Of those with the smallestgemstoneFirst State" (2)
7. Location of the headquartersinlandhas the longest name (3)
8. Lays claim to theof the nation's mainhere in 1966 (3)
9. Panthers playother statesis sapphire (4)
10. Birthplace of the first national leaderprofessionally with an egg-shapedof its coat-of-arms (1)
11. Namedproportion ofone other colour (9)
12. Contains a sisterscrabble score, this oneor countries (6)
13. Officialthe strings "li"port in the nation (6)
14. Formerly home of the largesttitle "Thequeen's real name (7)
15. Name contains 4 different consonantsto both be formerly of the red partythe west coast (5)
16. Name containswon a raceZhenjiang, China (1)