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Rank: 162
Puzzles solved: 16


Jacqui, Connor, Andrea, Steph
Puzzle Incorrect guesses Unlock time (EDT) Time to solve Solve time (EDT)
Ha! That's a Classic! 0 3h13m
Join, or Die 2 5h0m
Spelunking 0 1h3m
The Only Sanderson Puzzle 13 3h35m
Backbeat 2 10h53m
████████ 7 11h16m
Marked Books 2 35h37m
Pushing the Rules 0 47h14m
The State Puzzle 5 48h21m
Cryptic Crossing 0 46h0m
KarAO3ke 0 46h11m
Rovers 2 4h15m
It's Your Turn 16 96h12m
Identification 5 145h36m
Interplanetary Hopper 1 51h5m
Flexibility 0 146h10m