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You know surfing the internet's not even my job. And it is not backsolve... which is a common misconception. Cause actually my job... it's just puzzle


Rank: 2
Puzzles solved: 27


Ken (Bryan), Ken (Eggy), Ken (LMB), Ken (Brian), Ken (L51), Ken (Pei), Barbie (Margaret), Barbie (Joanna), Barbie (Margaret ipad)
Puzzle Incorrect guesses Unlock time (EDT) Time to solve Solve time (EDT)
Prologue 0
Ha! That's a Classic! 1 4m56s
Join, or Die 0 29m30s
Spelunking 1 17m33s
The Only Sanderson Puzzle 8 17m53s
Backbeat 0 1h28m
████████ 0 1h29m
Marked Books 0 1h47m
The State Puzzle 2 15m49s
Pushing the Rules 1 40m18s
KarAO3ke 0 37m27s
Cryptic Crossing 0 1h8m
Interplanetary Hopper 0 33m53s
Rovers 0 1h32m
It's Your Turn 0 2h13m
Identification 2 2h55m
Flexibility 2 3h3m
Greetings 0 41m11s
Poly Lines 2 1h22m
Through the Looking-Glass 1 1h35m
🔍🔍🔍 4 1h40m
The Launch of This Puzzle Has Been Delayed 1 2h38m
How the Turntables 0 1h39m
Sandwich Shop 0 8m33s
The Death of the Library 0 5h9m
Folk Wisdom 1 2h32m
Entitlement 1 1h24m