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Look, Obviously We'd All Prefer It If It Were Not Projectyl, But Ultimately We're Just Going to Have to Buckle Down and Play the Hand We're Dealt


Rank: 32
Puzzles solved: 30


Puzzle Incorrect guesses Unlock time (EDT) Time to solve Solve time (EDT)
Ha! That's a Classic! 0 2h13m
Backbeat 1 7h13m
Spelunking 0 19m5s
The Only Sanderson Puzzle 6 26m58s
Join, or Die 1 10h39m
████████ 0 8h46m
Marked Books 0 11h20m
The State Puzzle 0 34m0s
Pushing the Rules 0 1h2m
Cryptic Crossing 0 1h15m
Rovers 0 23h31m
Interplanetary Hopper 0 6h29m
KarAO3ke 1 33h0m
Identification 1 34h6m
It's Your Turn 1 33h4m
Flexibility 1 34h15m
Greetings 0 5h51m
Poly Lines 3 10h51m
🔍🔍🔍 0 1h53m
The Launch of This Puzzle Has Been Delayed 0 10h5m
Folk Wisdom 1 10h8m
The Death of the Library 1 26h18m
How the Turntables 1 2h32m
Sandwich Shop 0 15m34s
Elementary 0 3h11m
Entitlement 0 3h51m
Eight Cells 1 17h35m
Through the Looking-Glass 5 30h24m
Flight of the Babelbees 9 19h37m
Prologue 0